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Bando CVT Belt VS125 150 FIGHTER 125 150 803

Categories: Scooter Belt - CVT Belt - Transmission Belt , Belt for SYM scooter

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  • $25.00
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 Brand New CVT Belt

Bando Chemical company Japan
this is GENUINE BANDO Belt
100% Made in Japan not fake copy from China
Belt size :
803 x 19.5 x28
will match 
SYM belt parts number
This is New stock with New Packing
this new generation Bando Belt design
will hold your engine output over 90%.
less slip !!more power!!!
replacement parts
will for
Fighter 125 cc 150cc
VS125 , VS150
above model all are 4 valves head model
send me message if you have any question before you buy it.

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